Super Pet CritterTrail One Habitat Review: Crittertrail Hamster Cage

This crittertrail hamster cage is perfect for dwarf hamsters.  I don't recommend it for larger hamsters because they will not fit in the tubes.  This is perfect for winter whites, dwarfs, chinese hamsters, mice, and gerbils.

This cage measures 10-Inch long, 16-inch wide, 11-inch high.  Which is great for a smaller hamster that you may have.  My two mice love this and go nuts on the wheel.  They start running the same way and one stops an keeps going around the wheel while the other runs.

Also the removable petting zone is perfect for them to sleep in or for you to take them out to clean the cage. 

I use about two handfuls of pine bedding or carefresh which is very little and that's why I love it.  The cage is also small enough to flush out in the bath tub or a outside hose. 

Includes quiet exercise wheel, water bottle and food dish. Also extra tubes can be attached to the cage.

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