Super Pet Critter Trail Double Decker Habitat Review

Check out this new Hamster cage from crittertrail.  The Super Pet Critter Trail Double Decker Habitat is a great cage for any hamster to live in.  This cage features two levels, most hamsters sleep or make a nest on the top level.  This cage is easy to clean and can be run under water to make it a little easier for the owner.

The wiring spacing is about 6mm making it perfect for small hamsters and mice.  Actual size 17-inch length by 11-inch width by 15-1/2-inch height.

The wheel can be a little squeaky but if you use a little Vaseline it will lube it up and be safe for your rodents.  Gerbils are not a good idea for these because it can be chewed up real easily. 

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The water bottle is made from quality material because even after years it does not leak, the wheel can be replaced with a metal mesh wheel in case you want to not bother with a squeaky wheel.

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